Divine Feminine Within

Next Class will be April 24, 2017

Ladies, are you feeling disconnected?

Are you feeling like you have lost yourself in the demands of life…

As women we wear many hats and take on many responsibilities, often to the detriment of our own well-being. Between the hats and the responsibilities we lose our connection to ourselves, making it near-impossible to connect fully with others.

Divine Feminine Within is designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself, others, and your sensuality, and to learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy within.

Over the year, meeting once a month, we will work within several areas of your life. You can choose to dip a toe and come to a few or you can dive right into the deep end and take all eleven classes.

The great thing about Divine Feminine Within is that these classes can be taken independently or as an interdependent series for self-connection.

April is a special class that focuses on connection with other women. The exercises promise to help you connect deeper into sisterhood.

Classes welcome up to 20 women a night for three (3) hours starting at 7:00 pm.

Event location (in the Bonnie Doon area) will be provided to registered, paid guests only.

Tickets for each class must be purchased in advance ($20.00) by email transfers to:


Password answer should be explorewithin


A little bit about each class:

January 23 – Connecting with Self – Part 1

Come and find out why is it important to be connected with you, at a core level.

February 27 – Connecting with Self – Part 2

We are going to delve deeper into understanding benefits of core self-connection.

March 27 – Connecting with Others – Part 1

It’s not just us in this world; it is time to focus on connecting deeper with others.

April 24 – Connecting with Others – Part 2

This will be a special night of connecting with other women, sisters…

May 22 – Connect with your Sensual Side

It’s time to feel sensual, juicy and flowy. Learn to connect with yourself through movement.

June 26 – Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energy – Part 1

We all have masculine and feminine energy in us. It is time to honour both these energies.

July 24 – Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energy – Part 2

Find ways to bring out the best of both energies in you.

August 28 – Deepening your Relationships – Part 1

Understanding masculine and feminine energy and then applying it our relationships.

September 25 – Deepening our Relationships – Part 2

Connecting with your core energy to make your relationships shine.

October 23 – Connect with your Creative Side

It is time to have a little fun and let your creative juices flow. Come dressed comfortable and be ready to get a little messy.

*addition costs for supplies may be applied to registration fees for this class.

November 27 – Celebrate your Feminine

As the course comes to an end it is time to celebrate. We will also talk about ways to best support your ‘self’ connection. Please note that this class will only be available to current and past class participants.