Some changes

Over the next little while some changes will be made to my Explore Within website. Some may have noticed that I have not posted a blog in the since June 2016. This is not because I have not had anything to say or because I have not been actively learning and...

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So this Coach walks into a bar…Ouch

This world is full of violence and hate. It seems I can not turn on a computer, T.V. or radio station without hearing about someone being shot, mugged, victim of a hate crime…kidnapping, politics, or an animal being put down or mistreated…. It is too much for me to...

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My Confession

I have been struggling with my body lately. The way it looks and the way it feels. It does not help that I am having out breaks of hives which are being treated with steroids. As a result I have put on an extra 23 pounds of weight; puffy and heavy weight. As someone...

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Leaving on a jet plane

I am bouncing with excited energy in this moment. In less than 15 hours I am leaving this country and going somewhere hot and tropical. I have never been on a tropical trip and it has taken me the better part of 41 years to face all my fears of travel and plunge deep...

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Communicate, Negotiate, Safe Words and After Care

Over the years I have worked not only on my own sexual healing, but with clients who are working through sexual traumas.  As a result of my own journey I have been reading, investigating and discovering “different worlds” of sex and sexual pleasures. I have adapted...

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