Mission Statement
My Life’s Purpose is to use my love, life experience and understanding to inspire and support women to come to a place of self worth, self love and ownership of their sexual bodies and energies. To teach them how to express themselves with assertiveness, respect for self and others with an open and loving heart.

My passion is to teach others how to relate, communicate, and release limiting beliefs in their daily relationships with self and others, while being in connection with their bodies and environment.

* * *

I was told I was fearless. This is not something I would ever think others would think of me, certainly not my mom who said when she grows up she wants to be just like me….
I have a history – I am a product of a broken family, the stereo-type of teenage pregnancy (something that 20+ years ago was not as common and certainly not a Reality TV Show), I suffered from low self esteem and self worth and gave away sex easily in hopes of obtaining long lasting love, blah, blah, blah.
Seriously, I was reborn in 2008. It was 2008 I started figuring out who I am, what I am and what my truth is – not what others wanted or believed, not even what I thought but what actually is my truth….
I clearly remember sitting in a room full of people wondering what the hell I was doing here and wondering how rude it would be to sneak out of the room and pretend I had never gone to this Sex, Passion & Enlightenment introduction. Then it was lunch – a clear get away, yet I stayed – this would become my first introduction to “What I resist the most, I learn the most from”
My life changed that Saturday in October 2007. It has been a long journey, in some ways it has been the shortest trip I have ever taken. I have been to the depth of my despair, the height of my love and I have been to all spaces in between. I have been blown wide open and I have been shut down completely. During this journey one thing has always remained the same and that has been my knowing, that I am meant to be doing something more in this life then I had been.
On my journey I have given up everything I thought I knew and I have been allowing my true self, my vulnerable self to be exposed and to be my guiding light back home. I have made the decision to stop playing small in this life and to stop being a victim to my story, to hold my head up and open to the world as I am in this moment.
May 2009, I came to know my life purpose – after searching for 34 years for direction of some kind – there I was in a middle of a hotel conference room yelling out at (what felt like) the top of my lungs “I AM AVAILABLE!”
BAM – there it was, a flood of emotion, a flood of knowing – the truth of my Life Purpose. I am here, on this plain, to help women heal. I put myself through a “hard” road so I could feel the pain and know the challenges of healing, so I could learn to be vulnerable, to open to love and trust within myself.
So YES, I am fearless! I encourage myself to feel fear everyday and to move through it knowing that, THIS, right now, in this moment I am who I am and it is amazing, exhilarating and an honor to be right here, right now.

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