“I had never heard of soul exploration, or knew anything about it. It has been so far one of the most enriching things I have allowed for myself. Oceanna’ s ability to open my eyes, with sensitivity, to my own power has been mind blowing, and I look forward to blossoming further as she continues to coach me. Thank you Oceanna, I would definitely recommend coaching to any woman.”


“Oceanna has a deep heart of caring accompanied by a powerful force that will move you to discover and live from real fulfilment. Step up and forward and take advantage of how Oceanna will lift your spirit and get you moving towards your gifts”

Satyen Raja
Founder of The Get A Life Company!

“As I sit contemplating, I get that my heart really needs to say THANK YOU… for opening my eyes to the gift soul exploration coaching can be. The time I spent working with you was a very powerful and empowering time. I felt completely safe to explore aspects of myself that I never even knew I had, and as I did that I felt truly gotten, and heard, and seen and that is only one of the many precious gifts you brought into my life… THANK YOU, Oceanna, for your light, strength, compassion and love through it all! ”


“Oceanna coached me through a very difficult time in my personal relationship. She provided the professional and personal contact needed for me to feel comfortable telling her my real problems. Her life experience and unique insight gave me a new prospecitive on life. And I am happy to say I will be marrying the love of my life….if not for my coaching session with Oceanna….things would have turned out differently. Oceanna is a brilliant coach!”


“Oceanna is a coach who deeply understands women and their experiences.  She knows how to help women through their struggles.  She is a rock and a beacon for those she interacts with.”

Jason  Westlake  Life Coach and Business Owner

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