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Empowered Self

Connection with the world is important, however, it is also impossible if you don’t first connect with your internal self. In the Empowered Self class you will be given an opportunity to look at how you view your body and how choices affect your state of mind and self empowerment.

Join Oceanna  as she leads you on this self journey filled with silent practices with a centering communication practice to help you better connect with yourself.

March 10, 2018 hosted at A.S.P.E.C.C in Edmonton AB

Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Tickets $25.00 = www.eventbrite.ca/e/empowered-self-tickets-43448317086


Setting Boundaries 101

Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted after spending time with certain people? Maybe you find yourself doing things you would rather not which leaves you feeling resentful or guilty?

The first step to taking back your time, energy and life is learning to set boundaries.

Come join this interactive class and delve a little into where you may be living for others and not for yourself.

Last offered January 2018


The Divine Feminine Within

June & September 2018

If you are feeling disconnected or dissatisfied with your life, it could be that you are not connecting with yourself enough. This class is designed to be taken independently and dependently depending on your needs and desires. Whether you want to learn more about yourself, relationships, or expressing your creative self there is something for every woman. Over an eleven month period you will have the opportunity to work on seven areas of your life to help you connect deeper with your own divine feminine. The class promises to be a safe space to open, discover and create the life you want to live. Come join me once a month on a journey of connecting deeper to your divine feminine within.

Full Day Class – Lunch Provided

Tickets $75.00 – will be on sale soon


Body Within

Would you like to increase your Body Image Health, Self Esteem and Self Worth? Then Body Within is for you! This six week program is designed to help individuals increase body image health, self esteem, and self worth by working as an individual and in a group setting. The program consists of weekly meetings, daily emails, as well as support and opportunities to express what is happening on your journey. This program will be open to 10 individuals and will run for six weeks NOTE: There is a small one-time fee for this course. Please message Explore Within or Oceanna for details. The fee for this course msut be paid for at the time of registration.

If you would like to learn more contact me at oceanna@explorewithin.ca


Heal Within

Do you have hurts you’ve carried all your life?  Do you feel you are ready to let go of them? Join me for a unique woman’s healing journey. You will have the opportunity to start releasing these hurts, learn skills to heal wounds, and open your heart to deep joy, trust and love, in a safe, loving and compassionate environment. I am very excited to share with you a course that will change women’s lives.  This residential weekend will include a shared room, all meals and an exciting journey working on healing hurts in all areas of your life. My team and I will set a safe container for each woman to go on her own sacred journey in an environment free of judgment and blame. You will receive love and support as you move through trauma and pain. For a FREE consultation, contact me directly.


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