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Group Coaching Opportunities

30 Day Ho’oponopono Interactive Experience

Watch for more details as this comes to life in early 2021

For 30 days, as a group we will practice this ancient Hawaiian meditation to heal and manifest the life we want to live.

 Empowered Self

Join Oceanna as she leads a classroom style journey into understanding how choices affect your state of mind and why, what you feel about your body may be holding you back. You will have an opportunity to delve into silent contemplation as well as structured communication to help you live a more empowered life.

Setting Boundaries 101

Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted after spending time with certain people? Maybe you find yourself doing things you would rather not which leave you feeling resentful or feeling guilty? The first step to taking back your time, energy, and life is learning to set boundaries.

Come join this interactive group and delve a little into where you may be living for others and not for yourself. Together we will learn how to start setting boundaries and take back the power to live our own lives.

The Divine Feminine Within

If you are feeling disconnected or dissatisfied with your life, it could be that you are not connecting with yourself enough. Whether you want to learn more about yourself, relationships, or expressing your creative self there is something for everyone. Meeting once a month over 6 months we will create a safe space to open, discover and create the life you want to live. Come join Oceanna on a journey of connecting deeper to your divine feminine within.

  • This group will be only to a maximum of 10 participants at a time

Body Within

If you looking to increase your body image health, then this group is for you. This six week program is designed to help individuals increase body image health, self esteem, and self worth while working in a group atmosphere with room for individual contemplation. The program consists of weekly meetings where Ocean will guide you through exercises to help you increase your understanding of your thoughts regarding your body. This program will be open to 10 individuals and will run for six weeks.

Published Works

Earth Angels 13 Journeys of Triumph Edition #1 – Approval not Required

A short story of finding myself through a snowflake.


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