This world is full of violence and hate. It seems I can not turn on a computer, T.V. or radio station without hearing about someone being shot, mugged, victim of a hate crime…kidnapping, politics, or an animal being put down or mistreated….

It is too much for me to take. I know that the “bad” news I hear only makes up about 2% of what is really happening in this world…but where do I go to tune into that information???? I truly do not have it in me to search all the Medias looking for a positive message. Yes, the world is messed up but what about all the great stuff happening around us?

Yesterday I was stopped at a light and started watching a homeless man sort through his earthly belongings. He was approached by a woman who handed him a Tim Horton’s sandwich and coffee cup. The smile on his face lit up my world. He was so honored that someone SAW him! In return he handed he one of his precious belongings from his cart. This man, who had so little to give, gave what he could. It was a beautiful scene rudely interrupted by the blaring of the car horn behind me.

When the night club in Orlando was shot up, the world came together to remember the victims of the gunman…but little notice has been given to what is happening on Social Media since. My personal feed is filled with people “coming out”, supporting all sexuality in all people as being their RIGHT. I am seeing more and more support of accepting all lifestyle choices in sexuality, and it is a beautiful thing. It is a terrible thing that it takes the death of so many people to make the world stop hating itself and Earth’s members before we can come together in peace and love.

I am lucky…I live in North America and have first world problems…

I get to watch destruction in the world from afar and decide when or if I want to take part, take a stand or send help. But regardless of my actions or lack of actions I get to crawl into my bed at the end of the night, turn off the lights and know that in the morning I can choose to be involved or move in a different direction. I do not have to live in a state of terror, fear, panic or lack.

Because this is my privilege I do believe that I owe it to the world I live in to spread some love, some laughter, some care for my fellow humans. It is with this in mind I am making a point of finding laughter in my everyday; sharing laughter in my communication. I am making laughter a goal in my interactions with other.