Healing Power of Sisters

The Healing power of a woman’s sisters is without measure.  This past week I had a relationship that I felt could go forever end. It hurt me to hear the reason for the end…not because I did not want to hear the thoughts behind the decision but because I felt that it was a lie and out of integrity from a man I had much respect for.

My heart was at first filled with feminine rage. I was so angry that this man used a reason that was clear from the start to end a relationship. If it had been a non-negotiable it should have ended before it started. Instead it flowed very smoothly for two months. Each time we were together our connection seemed to deepen and yet it ended with a lame reason claimed as “truth”.

I called my mom – she knows best…First she said a few soothing words and then we laughed. We laughed for the silliness of a joke. Then it was off for some shopping therapy…mostly just window shopping and connecting with love. That night I came home and called a couple of other girlfriends just to release some of my hurt and be received.

The following day was a tender one. I went into the office and  worked heads down and wiped the tears I allowed to flow. I left early for the doctors appointment I had and then it was off to Costco. Terrible place to go when your heart is hurting. I was doing okay for a short time and then I felt the rage filling up inside me and needed to get out of store and go home. I went for dinner with a friend and ate food that was not the best choice for myself. Then it was off to my home for some solitude.

There were some tears and some quiet space to just be.  I woke the next morning knowing I had a lot to do but no interest in doing anything. I wanted to lay in my bed and forget about the world… That was not on the agenda however.

My girlfriends started arriving for the party we had booked a few weeks earlier. First my girlfriends gave me some healing love. They checked in with where I was in the moment and allowed it to be alright. Nothing to change, no pretence to be had.  Then the laughter began. As each toy was pulled out and the fun games were played the laughter grew louder. Then there was the desire that was growing in me. Something I had not felt for a while. Something that had been suppressed in my body for a little while… I felt a sense of needing movement. Needing dance.

I expressed the need to my girlfriends and everyone had plans for the night. I felt a sense of disappointment but I was okay with the thought of not going out to dance. The party ended and I went walking with a girlfriend looking at clothes and items in a bargain shop. While walking my phone went off with a wonderful message stating dancing was on.

While eating a wonderful shared dinner I got ready to dance. I went the extra mile in adorning my feminine side and put make-up on and did my hair. I felt amazing and looked super cute too. Then it was time to hit the dance floor. The music played and I felt a little out of my realm but it took only a couple of songs to feel my body fill with the love that is dance in my heart.  I danced for my pain, my sorrow. I danced for my love and my bliss. I danced hard and I danced with sexual lust flowing through my veins.

I danced and danced until I could feel the burning in my legs. I then burned my core and practised my belly dance groove. I then started wining with this guy. It felt great to move with another knowing there was nothing sexual about the dance – it was just what it was…a dance.

This morning I woke up and I am like a new woman. I still feel a little hurt in my  heart but more than anything I feel so grateful to the healing power of my Goddess sisters. It was with their love and support that I feel amazing and like the world is back into alignment. It is their laughter, love and support that has made my healing process fast forward to the place of acceptance.

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