Intentions For 2012

I am looking at starting 2012 and wondering what direction my life will take… I have taken time to consider some items I would like to add to my goal list but instead this year I do not want to set goals, I want to set intentions….
I have been placing my attention on what intentions I want to set for 2012 – the year of Spiritual power as stated by many.
I intend to LOVE deeper. To open my heart instead of closing when I am in a state of hurt or fear.
I intend to TRUST in the moment and to allow myself to be vulnerable even when I want to hide.
I intend to get organized with my properties at work allowing myself to serve my Boards and owners fuller.
I intend to take a VACATION to another country learning about the culture and county side.
I intend to push my personal EDGES and to step out of my comfort zone instead of living in the safety of my personal box.
I intend to EXPLORE the city around me. To see what it offers and to play within the festivals throughout the year.
I intend to continue PERSONAL GROWTH and journey to my core truths.
I intend to continue writing BLOGS for my coaching site.
I intend to live a HEALTHIER lifestyle which includes diet and movement.
I intend to LIVE each day, and to find the joy and bliss in the mundane.
I am looking forward to the start of 2012 and looking at each of the gifts it has to offer. I am looking forward to being of service to those around me in all areas of my life. Mostly I am looking forward to the unexpected that is sure arise and the wonderful gifts I will receive from the unexpected.

Wishing each of you a very Happy New Years!

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