Releasing is not an easy task for me. I hold onto things…people…emotions… long after they stopped serving my highest good. I am good with completing most cycles and once I am ready to release there is no going back however getting to the point of release is where I find my struggle.

I have written plenty about playing small and how I am going to step more into my power and in all cases I did however I have yet to make the full leap and I wonder why. In each “test case” of stepping further into my power the universe and my friends/family have fully supported me…yet I continue to hold back.

I thought maybe fear was the reason however as I sit here today it is not afraid I am feeling but a little lost….As much as I know what I want to be when I grow up I have no clue because each day I take a breath my life changes just a little bit more. I am always changing and always growing. So how do I step fully into my power, when in a breath what I thought was, is no longer?

I have a little bit of worry (fear) that if I release something in this moment I might need it in the next…then what? Have I mentioned I a have been fully supported by the universe and friends/family…so why would I think for a moment that if I released something that I would not continue to be supported? I feel silly even suggesting that I may not be.

I have some releasing I must do. I know what the items are and I have a plan started for how I will move forward in my life once I “women up” and do it.  I know some feelings may be hurt or maybe I am wrong and another will feel relief as I know I will once the words are out and the cycle completed.

Release for me is about surrendering into the universe and trusting that if I am being called to release things…people…emotions… it is because it is time. I am about to take another leap of faith this year. I am going to end a cycle and it is opening an opportunity to build my business.

As I leap this year I am going to dance. I will express through movement and keep the energy alive instead of becoming stagnate….I may get tired and I may need to rest however I shall dance a little more…. Then maybe, just maybe, I will rest. This year I am going to release and surrender with trust.

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