As I avoided my work day and surfed the net looking for anything to distract me from the ever building work piles, I came across a quote that stopped me dead:

“Someday is not a day of the week” (Janet Dailey)

I immediately got to thinking about my life and how often I use the phase “someday”.  Someday I want to travel to Russia, a beach somewhere, every county…and to date I still have not. In fact I have only just applied for a passport.  Someday I want to work at my own business full time. The truth is I have placed my business on hold this past year other than one coaching client. I have cancelled all my courses for the year and have barely made time to post a Blog.

I could go on with the “someday”, but that is my problem. It is always “someday”….someday will NEVER arrive. It can’t, it DOES NOT EXIST.

t is time to start setting goals and deadlines. This is what I would tell a client. It is time I start being my own client and getting myself focused and excited about life once more. It is time to set goals and time to start succeeding.  It is time to stop living for someday and start living for today.

It is time to get through a pile of work on the desk.