There is something to be said about allowing your heart to open and flow with another. To allow yourself the space to fully surrender into another knowing that with each moment you are opening your heart the relationship between you and them is deepening.

A few years back I was attending an intensives that took me deeper into knowing myself. I was working on the instruction of another and struggling to figure out what another was. Really wasn’t it what I think they are since it is only my view of them, my thoughts of them, my judgments……

It would be a night time walking contemplation that would bring me the snowflake of truth. Yes that night the big fluffy flakes falling from the night sky covering the already white ground, the flakes talked to me without a sound – just a moment that has lasted almost three years. It still feels like a moment ago…..

One of big flakes landed on the tip of my nose. It did not melt away it just sat on the tip of my nose connecting with my Being as I connected with it’s Being. There was no judgment, only love. I know that may sound crazy but I have no other way to express the moment. With that snow flake on my nose I felt my heart open fully. There was no longer two we had melded into one. I had surrender all control, all my guards in the moment and I seized to exist as my body. I became something different, not a snow flake either as that snowflake also morphed – we became one, no separation, no difference.

It was a life time we were morphed together and it was only a fraction of a second at the same time. I fully trusted the snow flake to protect me, to not hurt me and to love me as I was in the moment. There was no sense of grief or of fear, only the love that I open to, surrendered to…..

For the last three years I have been practicing this connection with others. Fully surrendering and loving. To stand in the presence of another and feel them at a level higher than myself. It is much harder with another human compared to the snowflake on my nose however in each moment I allow the surrender it becomes easier and I am able to go deeper. I am more easily able to open my heart and just be a moment, a life time, with another. No judgment, only love.

The practice of surrender has opened my heart more fully. I find it easier to trust another. I feel my heart more easily open without judgment of what I think another may or may not be. It has allowed for met o feel the freedom of being one with something outside of myself. To feel the fullness of another, the heart, the love. Taking my love and adding another’s love and being able to express it….the world becomes a lighter place if only for a fraction of a moment.

Some of the helpful tips I use to surrender to another:
           Paying attention to my breathing, seeing my breath in and out.

Making direct eye contact with another still paying attention to my breath

Paying attention to the breath of another and bring my breath into pattern with theirsBreathe in and out at the same pace while making eye contact

Soften the belly and allow the shoulders to be loose

Feel your heart growing larger and allow yourself to see the vision of light coming out of your chest

Continue to breathe in pace with another, making eye contact and allow what is to be felt, feel your heart glowing, feel any fear stirring within yourself and know that it is all perfect in the moment.

This can be done as a conscience practice with another for a set of time of 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes and even longer as both of you gain more and more trust you develop with each other.

This can also be done in a moment with any person you meet – the more often you do it the easier it becomes to connect completely in a moment – without any thought.

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