*Feminine energy is accessible by both men and women. For the sake of this article I am directing it toward women however any part of it could be adapted by a man.

We live in a masculine world defined by logic, direction and time. It can be difficult for a woman to access her feminine energy especially if she is working in a male dominated business.

A woman who is too far removed from her feminine energy can start to feel overly tired, irrationally angry, have low immunity to illness, experience sudden weight gain/loss, and the list goes on. However, it all amounts to STRESS. In order to live a happier, healthier life it is important for women to balance their energy by spending enough time in their feminine energy to allow for proper rest.

There are many things a woman can do in her everyday to add femininity and allow for her to surrender more easily and fuller to her feminine energy.

Adorn yourself

When you get ready for the day wear something that makes you feel pretty/sexy. If you work in a job that requires a business suit or overalls, add matching bra and underwear sets to your daily attire.    No one see them, but you know they match which can make you feel good, sexier…

Try to ditch the pant suit for a dress once in a while, better yet try it for a whole week and work it up to a month. Wearing clothes that flow and feel good against your skin will keep you in touch (pun intended) with your feminine energy.

Jewelry, make up, painted nails and styling your hair are all ways you easily adorn yourself for the day. Even working a manual job you can have a pedicure done to keep your toes looking pretty.

Spend time connecting with other women

As women, when we spend too much time with men we stay in our   masculine energy in order to relate better. If you want to be more feminine get together with other women and do things that bring  the feminine joy.

Call your sister, mother, best friend and get together. Go shopping, have dinner, or even have a cup of coffee at one another’s houses. Just get together and talk, laugh and connect.

In many large cities there are Meet Up groups that have monthly  meet ups where you can meet other women of like mind and build   friendships. Keep your interactions with the women in your life  positive. Try to steer away from the catty chats and judgments as best you can. These types of interactions do nothing but bring each other down. There is too much cut throat/back stabbing behaviors that sabotage one another in this world. Strong women build each other up, not tear them down. (Ok, I will get off my soap box now)

Express your emotions

Face the facts ladies, we all have emotions and they are wide ranged. In a single day women can easily feel every emotion from  ecstasy to devastation. That does not mean that we are mentally ill, in fact when given ways to fully express our emotional states we become mentally healthy. The more in touch you are with your emotional state in every moment the more control you have over     your energy force.

Dance; by far this is the easiest way to express what you are feeling. I am not talking about formal dancing, I mean free style. It can be pretty with lots of twirls, lifts and drops, or it can be messy with spastic arms flaying madly in the air, shaking and bouncing. It is the movement that takes you out of your head and brings you into your body.  In fact I highly recommend doing some kind of dancing    every day at the end of work to bring you into your body and release the day.

Talk. Call one of your woman friends and tell them you just need to talk and not have anything fixed. Then use all your words until you run out. Having a chance to talk out all sides of your emotions can allow for you to move through a problem that is not actually a problem. If you run out of words or they are not getting the job done, make a noise. Growl, grunt, and sigh; whatever noise you make is the right one if it helps you express your emotions.


The feminine is all about creation. (babies, anyone?) When you are   feeling stuck or removed form your feminine energy, create something. It can be as simple as coloring a picture, cooking a nice    dinner, writing, or learning a new craft. It does not matter what you create or what it looks like in the end, it is about the creation that brings you into your feminine energy.

Can’t think of what to create try getting out into nature and reflect    on the beauty. What does it make you think about, feel like, smell like? A little time in nature can do miracles for the feminine soul.

Indulge your senses – Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell and Intuition

Use all six of your sense as regularly as you can. See the beauty  around you everywhere you are. Surround yourself with things you find beautiful. Listen to things that are pleasant for your ears. It can be a voice you like, a piece of music or even silence. Smell things  that make you feel good like roses, fresh cut grass, or ground  coffee. Touch things that feel good against your skin. Soft, hard, smooth and bumpy all feel good to the feminine at different times (based on emotional state). Eat/Drink things you love. Grab a piece of your favorite dessert and truly enjoy it. Don’t worry about the calories or what you will have to do at the gym to make up for it, just enjoy the taste of it. Lastly, ladies, remember to use your intuition. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. Your intuition, when listened to will never steer you wrong.

Be spontaneous and play

When life starts getting too serious, too overwhelming, that is the time you need to let go and find a way to relax. Accept that unexpected invitation to try something new. Find a play to be    playful. Being spontaneous and playing does not have to cost a lot   of money, it just needs to bump you out of the everyday and be something you either learn from or enjoy.

Taking time daily to connect to your feminine energy will help you live a fuller, more satisfying life. It will help you to deepen your relationships and open to more love. And really that is what the feminine is all about; love.